40 Turns

On the 3 December 2009, I turned 40.

To mark this occasion, I invited 40 people to invite me on a walk of their choice; a short walk or a long one;  familiar or unknown…

As walking takes time  it also provides time to be with people.  I need to make more of that sort of time in my life. 40 walks is a birthday present to my self, a present that keeps giving over the course – or more – of the year.

This blog documents those 40 walks.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. anne Says:

    Hello Dee,

    how lovely to meet you today. I love the idea of 40 walls with 40 people, what a great way to celebrate, share, experience, rekindle memories and establish more on the way. Good luck completing the full set, its a grander target than Munro bagging! 🙂

    having a read of your latest blog, its an area I know as i was married in St Conans Kirk, not far from kilcrenan. Small world.

    Best wishes

    • Dee Heddon Says:

      Dear Anne
      It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. I also appreciate the slip in your message about walls and walks, given the discussion at Huntly on walking, access and borders! 40 walks is a way to escape the confines of the daily grind for sure!

  2. anne Says:

    dyslexia and predictive text can be an interesting combination
    sometimes!. very interesting debate in Huntly yesterday which will hopefully lead to some interesting projects, best wishes. anne

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